For over a decade we have been fastidiously making fine-art prints, carefully examining every detail from the initial file quality down to how we pack and ship your work.

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Quality at Every Level.

Provide options to clients

Clients want a beautiful result at every price-point so we start by finding out your specific priorities. WIDERHALL works to museum-quality standards, but not every client requires that level of material or budget.

Perfecting the print

Working closely with an artist or client, whether in the same room or across the world, we always proof the print to your idea of perfection. Even if you have never made archival pigment prints of your images or editioned artwork before, we love to share the knowledge with clients.

Work with quality materials

WIDERHALL uses the right material for the work which includes advising on how a work will hang on the wall or wire system; care and handling specifics or how to create a one-time exhibition that can drive sales & be 100% recyclable!

Print on the best papers

WIDERHALL import a wide range of paper options, not based on a brand name, but on the quality of the paper. And we refine our choices based on how the paper performs over time and how it prints. From value papers for one-time viewing to hand-made and metallic specialty finishes.

Serious quality control

We have the "crazy eyes" when it comes to your work. From low-cost exhibition prints to museum quality frames, everything is made in-house, to spec & has to pass muster before it leaves our workshop.

Advice for the future

WIDERHALL has worked with dozens of artists and corporate clients for over a decade. We are always happy to share what we have learned, discuss trends in size and display, and open our network to help you succeed over time.

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